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     about the diagrams

    The diagrams were scanned with an hp scanjet 4600 A4 scanner. This scanner is ideally suited to copying large documents: it is effectively an A4-sized transparent tablet. You plonk it on your diagram, scan an A4 section, then move it to the next section.

    The A4 sections were stiched together using Microsoft Digital Image Suite 10. In addition to letting you combine the A4 images to make a larger image, this package has a convenient feature to make the individual sections horizontal, before they are combined.

    This process of copying diagrams is very time consuming - a typical 6 by 2 foot diagram, scanned at 100 dpi, can take several hours. The largest diagram I have copied so far (Wombwell Main Junction) is 7 feet by 2 feet - it was necessary to keep this in three sections. Although tedious, this copying process does work - there is no risk of damage to the diagram and the final result can be printed out in a convenient A3 or A4 size.

    Most of the diagrams are not old enough for copyright to have lapsed. They are presented here with permission from BRB (Residuary).