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    This simulator recreates absolute or permissive block working, using real block instruments. It will bring a block instrument and illuminated track diagram to life, so to speak, using electronics to recreate the rest of the railway.

    It is programmed to replay interactively a section of a train register - all the way from the train being offered from the box in rear, to getting 2-1 'train out of section' from the box in advance.

    In order to 'see' the trains, it is connected to an illuminated diagram, or track circuit indicators. I'm afraid you'll have to imagine the tail lamps!

    Each block instrument is connected to a 'module' which also holds a timetable and a small amount of track layout, and is also connected to track circuit indicators and switches for the signals. Thus one module could simulate a terminus, two a 'straight up and down' arrangement, three a simple junction etc.

    I've had it working with a variety of three-wire, three-position block instruments - LNWR Fletchers, Tyers permissive, LNER black box and GCR-type pegger and non pegger.


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