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The input software reads your input file, carries out a number of checks on your data and then generates corresponding buffer and log files. If you can generate a buffer file, then your at least data are in the correct format and the estimate syntax is correct. The log file contains a list of any errors and warnings generated whilst processing your data. You should send the buffer files to me.

The complete software package is available here as a zipped file. After unzipping it, you should rename it from baavss1 to baavss. Sorry about this extra step - but you don't want the baavss folder on my computer, as that contains all sorts of stuff you don't need, so I keep another version called baavss1 which goes on the web.

You should ensure that the software is installed in x:\baavss and subdirectories, where x is your hard drive. Note that it must go in the root directory and not in My Documents or anywhere else.

If you already have the software on your computer, you may still wish to download the latest version of the actual program VSS.exe.

Alternatively, you can download the zipped file, unzip it to baavss1, and then pick out the new bits that you need.

Buffer files are so called since they are an intermediate step between your data and the database proper. The only difference is that buffer files contain data from one observer for lots of different stars, whilst the actual database contains files for each star, each containing data from lots of observers.