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VSS is a command line program - you type the command, and follow it with return. Commands are case insensitive and are highlighted in the following in yellow. You can see a list of all the commands by typing help . To exit the program just type exit or x .

There are a few things you have to set before you can process your files. The program will remember these settings from one session to the next.

First, the program has to know the folder (path) which contains your data. Upon starting the program, it tells you the working folder (path) and gives you the option to change it. In practice, you will usually just hit return at this point. If you want to change the folder (path) later on, you can easily do this with the path command. You have to enter the full (dos-like) path, but you only have to do this once (or whenever you change the path). It doesn't matter whether you put the \ on the end.

Next, type setup and answer the question. The program needs to know whether you entered data in the primary format, or whether you used the conversion program VSSCONV.exe first. In the former case, the input files will have names of the form XYZ1001.txt; in the latter case they will be of the form XYZ1001.tx0.

You can make the program run more, or less, interactively with pauseonerror ; this one command toggles the 'pause-on-problem' feature on or off. With the pause disabled, the program runs faster; with the pause enabled, you have the option to deal with problems as they are encountered. In either case, a summary of any errors or warnings is written to the log file. If you are new to the program, I suggest you have the pause enabled until you are familiar with how the system works.

We are now ready to process an input file!