LYMM software download

    current version 2.4



   Lymm Observatory

     photometry software


    To see LYMM in operation, download this folder (9.5Mb) which contains the software, example data and corresponding script file. Unzip the folder, and put it in the root directory of your c: drive (i.e. c:\Lymm_demo).

    Here is a 36 page manual for LYMM (PDF, 830 kb).

    Here is the latest version of LYMM.exe. The version of LYMM.exe in the demonstration folder may not be up date; you should overwrite it with this version.

    The data files comprise 20 images - the first 10 and the last 10 - from a series taken by Richard Miles showing the asteroid 2005WC1F.

    Start the program by double clicking it. Then enter script (followed by return), and then enter the name of the script file which is script_1. Script files are plain text files which can be edited with Notepad. The program should proceed to execute the commands in script_1.txt, which carry out the following procedures:

      define list of files for analysis.

      setup list of stars for analysis

      image alignment (including rotation) and position refinement

      stack images, with asteroid trailed

      fit a curve to describe the path of the asteroid

      stack images, tracking the asteroid

      do photometry of asteroid and several field stars

    If the program fails to process the script file, check the working path. The program reports the working path when it starts. The demonstration files should be in c:\Lymm_demo; if not you can either move them, or tell the program otherwise with the path command.

    The best way to make sense of what is going on is to print out the manual and the script file. Then go through the script file, entering the commands by hand, and also referring to the manual to understand what the commands do.

    I am grateful to Richard Miles for providing the images and help with testing this software on moving objects.